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The Game Effect Editorial

What to Watch: Week of March 5 - March 11

A couple of dry nights, but otherwise a solid week in TV

By Kaili Markley on 3/5/2012


 Alcatraz - "The Ames Brothers/Sonny Burnett" (FOX 9PM EST)
"Two of Alcatraz's most violent brothers, Herman (guest star Travis Aaron Wade) and Pinky (guest star Graham Shiels) Ames, who were notorious for nearly escaping in 1963, find something mysteriously amiss when they return to Alcatraz in the present day. Then, Sonny Burnett (guest star Theo Rossi), a man with an incredible dark side who became ultra-violent during his stint at Alcatraz, returns."

 Smash - "Let's Be Bad" (NBC 10PM EST)
"Karen finds a new use for her acting talents as she joins Dev at a high-powered government party. Meanwhile, the drama between Michael and Julia heats up."


 New Girl - "Injured" (FOX 9PM EST)
"Nick hurts his back in a not-so-harmless game of touch football. He doesn’t have health insurance, so Jess brings him to her doctor friend, an OB-GYN. Later Nick takes stock of his life when he realizes that his injury may be more serious than he thought."

 Justified - "Watching The Detectives" (FX 10PM EST)
"A shocking murder forces Raylan to confront his past mistakes. Boyd grapples with Harlan's corrupt sheriff."


 Happy Endings - "The Kerkovich Way" (ABC 9:30PM EST)
"Alex and Jane try to convince Dave that he is remembering something that never happened; Penny and Max try to beat an annoyingly perfect couple in a scavenger hunt."


 30 Rock - "Standards and Practices" (NBC 8PM EST)
"Kenneth lands a network censor job; Jack battles a teenage nemesis. Chloe Grace Moretz guest starts."

 Parks and Recreation - "Lucky" (NBC 8:30PM EST)
"After Leslie gives an embarrassing drunken interview, she and her campaign team pull out all the stops to prevent it from being aired."

 The Office - "Last Day In Florida" (NBC 9PM EST)
"Andy learns Erin's not returning to Scranton; Dwight faces career disaster."

 Archer - "Skin Game" (FX 10PM EST)
"Archer is faced with a dilemma when his murdered fiancée, Katya, miraculously reappears. In Krieger's lab."

 Awake - "The Little Guy" (NBC 10PM EST)
"Clues begin crossing over between Britten's two worlds, confusing his partners and his captain. Laura Innes guest stars."

 Unsupervised - "My Brother Brian" (FX 10:30PM EST)
"Joel's 40-year-old brother, Brian, moves back into Joel's bedroom and Joel strives to be more tolerant of him despite Brian's contemptible behavior."


 Portlandia - "Brunch Village" (IFC 10PM EST)
"New brunch hotspot Fisherman’s Porch gets a write-up in the local paper, prompting Peter and Nance to give it a try – only to find hundreds of others had the same idea. Portland’s Mayor (Kyle MacLachlan) offers to take Fred and Carrie to brunch, but when the bridge is blocked he is forced to find alternate routes. Feminist bookstore owners Toni and Candace take physical measures to remove unwanted pedestrians in line for brunch in front of their store. Nance has Peter hold her spot while she gets her jacket, only to return to accusations that she is cutting the line. Two bouncers escort her to a crazed man (Tim Robbins) who metes out punishment for line cutters – and it is up to Peter to save her."


 An Idiot Abroad - "Karl Comes Home" Season Finale (Science 10PM EST)
"Karl returns home to London to meet Ricky and Steve."

Saturday Night Live (NBC 11:30PM EST)
Hosted by Jonah Hill, with fantasmagoric musical guest, The Shins.


 The Walking Dead - "Better Angels" (AMC 9PM EST)
"Someone (or something) wicked is prowling around the farm, so Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn set up a patrol in the area as night falls."

 Luck - "Episode 7" (HBO 9PM EST)
"Ace has a relaxing visit to the prison-outreach retirement farm for horses, but Nathan Israel has a rougher time trying to persuade Ace's new partners of his boss' sincerity. Meanwhile, Walter discusses Gettin' Up Morning's ownership with a lawyer and decides on his next rider; Jerry teams up with a card dealer to play their way into a poker tournament; Lonnie makes a solo claim on another horse; and Rosie asks Joey for representation."

 Shameless - "Hurricane Monica" (SHO 9PM EST)
"Monica blows back into town and immediately hooks up with Frank for more shenanigans, but the kids are left wondering if she's finally here to stay, and Frank is eager to pick up the ashes of his late mother and reclaim the cash he believes she's hidden. Meanwhile, after Fiona kicks out Lip, he kicks around with stops at Karen's and Steve's. Later, Sheila and Jody think the house is haunted by Eddie's ghost."

 Eastbound & Down - "Chapter 17" (HBO 10PM EST)
"Kenny thinks his son, Toby, is cursed, and might be to blame for a recent run of bad luck; and later tries to bond with Shane's puritanical family. Meanwhile, Stevie is racked with guilt."

 Life's Too Short - "Episode 4" (HBO 10:30PM EST)
"Warwick's divorce negotiations are torpedoed by his incompetent accountant, so he turns to Ricky and Stephen for advice during an awkward video chat with Steve Carell. Meanwhile, Warwick fails to impress a real-estate agent, and lobbies for chairmanship of the Society for People of Small Stature."
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