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The Game Effect Editorial

What to Watch: Week of February 27 - March 4

An interesting premiere and plenty of new programming...

By Kaili Markley on 2/27/2012


 Alcatraz - "Clarence Montgomery" (FOX 9PM EST)
"An innocent man from Alcatraz resurfaces to commit crimes."

 Smash - "The Cost of Art" (NBC 10PM EST)
"Tensions between Karen and Ivy run high as workshop rehearsals begin; Derek throws a birthday party for an old friend. Nick Jonas guest stars!"


 Justified - "The Man Behind the Curtain" (FX 10PM EST)
"As his feud with Quarles and the Detroit mob heats up, Raylan's tactics puts him at odds with the FBI."


 Modern Family - "Leap Day" (ABC 9PM EST)
"Mitchell feels pressured to make Cameron's birthday extra special; Jay's manliness comes into question; the girls interfere with Phil's leap day plans."

 Happy Endings - "%*@&tails & Dreams" (ABC 9:30PM EST)
"Dave gets a liquor license for his food truck, making it a new hot spot; the gang avoids Dave because his signature drink gives them sex dreams about him."


 30 Rock - "Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whiskey" (NBC 8PM EST)
"Jack shows Kenneth the dark side, while Liz gets stuck in a fake relationship with Frank. Susan Sarandon and Patti LuPone guest."

 Parks and Recreation - "Campaign Shake-Up" (NBC 8:30PM EST)
"Leslie and Ben start to lose their confidence when a D.C. hot shot is brought in as Bobby Newport's campaign manager. Kathryn Hahn guest stars!"

 The Office - "Test the Store" (NBC 9PM EST)
"Dwight plans an impressive presentation for the Sabre store; Andy suffers an embarrassing injury."

 Awake - Pilot (NBC 10PM EST)
"In the aftermath of a fatal car accident, Detective Michael Britten struggles with dueling realities in parallel worlds." Stars Jason Isaacs.

 Archer - "Crossing Over" (FX 10PM EST)
"Archer's sex life compromises his effectiveness as an agent. But more seriously than the countless other times."

 Unsupervised - "The Magic of Science" (FX 10:30PM EST)
"Gary and Joel enlist a psychic to help them win the school science fair."


 Portlandia - "No Olympics" (IFC 10PM EST)
"A crying infant’s father escalates his attempts to soothe his thrill-seeking baby; Fred and Carrie get the Mayor of Portland’s (Kyle MacLachlan) blessing to create a grassroots campaign to prevent the Olympics from ever coming to Portland; A creative canoe dancer turns what seems to be a mistake in his routine into a triumphal finish; A pair of bike valets have trouble finding a disgruntled customer’s bike."


 An Idiot Abroad - "Climb Mount Fuji" (Science 10PM EST)
"Karl’s last bucket list item is seeing Japan’s most spiritual destination: Mount Fuji. His trip begins with a 15-hour trek up to the mountain's summit. Here, he realizes what he really wants to do before he dies. On arrival in Japan, Karl gets lost in Tokyo. Ricky and Steve put him up in a 'capsule' hotel, send him to a Sumo wrestling stable, arrange for a meeting with a Zen Master and send him on the world’s steepest roller-coaster."

Saturday Night Live  (NBC 11:30PM EST)
Lindsay Lohan comes back from the grave to host with musical guest, Jack White.


 The Walking Dead - "Judge, Jury, Executioner" (AMC 9PM EST)
"When Rick and Shane agree on a pivotal decision, Dale begins to suspect a lack of humanity fostering among the group. Meanwhile, Carl's actions have an unexpected impact."

Luck - "Episode 6"
"Ace meets with a track owner and his parole officer, but sends Nathan Israel to discuss business with his fellow investors, who scheme to stay one step ahead of their new partner. Meanwhile, an earthquake has a curious effect on Joey's state of mind; and Leon and Rosie find their racing skills questioned by higher authorities."

 Shameless - "Parenthood" (SHO 9PM EST)
"While Jody and Sheila comfort a dying Grammy, Frank steps out and stops at the Kash and Grab, where he walks in on Ian and Mickey in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Lip wants to quit school, but Fiona tells him that if he reconsiders, she'll go back and get her GED; Lip takes Karen to a number of adoption agencies and doesn't like what she has planned; Steve decides to coach Carl's football team."

 Eastbound & Down - "Chapter 16" (HBO 10PM EST)
"Pro scout Roy McDaniel (Matthew McConaughey) asks Kenny to take a promising Russian pitching prospect under his wing; Stevie takes stock of Shane's status while negotiating his return to Kenny's entourage."

 Life's Too Short - "Episode 3" (HBO 10:30PM EST)
"Warwick launches his Web site, but winds up regretting a confrontation with an anonymous commenter. Meanwhile, Warwick jumps at the chance to work on a film with Helena Bonham Carter; and tries to steal the spotlight in an interview with the BBC."
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