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The Game Effect Editorial

What to Watch: Week of December 12 - December 18

Two finales, a couple of premieres, and a smattering of new episodes make for a decent week in TV

By Kaili Markley on 12/12/2011


  •  The Mortified Sessions  (Sundance 8PM EST) ---SNL  's Will Forte and Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing,Ferris Bueller's Day Off) "share their personal artifacts and anecdotes of their youth."
  •  Terra Nova  - "Within" (FOX 9PM EST) --- "Lucas races to assemble the final pieces of his mystery device, in advance of the 11th Pilgrimage's arrival. Also, Jim and Taylor confront the colony's 'Sixer' mole, Skye is reunited with a familiar face and Terra Nova prepares for war."


  •  Glee  - "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" (FOX 8PM EST) --- "When New Directions is asked to perform at two different events - on the same day, at the same time - they have a tough decision to make. Will they choose correctly and spread Christmas cheer, or will their ambition get the best of them?"
  •  New Girl  - "The 23rd" (FOX 9PM EST) --- "The roommates attend Schmidt's holiday office party; Jess frets when she receives an extravagant gift from Paul."


  •  American Horror Story  - "Birth" (FX 10PM EST) --- "Vivien gives birth. Tate and Violet attempt to rid the house of some of its ghosts for good."


  •  It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia  - "The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang'sRevenge" Season Finale(FX 10PM EST) --- "In the conclusion of this two part episode the gang devises a new plan at their high school reunion to make sure their tarnished high school images will now sparkle and shine."
  •  The League  - "The Guest Bong" (FX 10:30PM EST) --- "Pete's new girlfriend wants to help him with his line up; Kevin's past at the DA's office has him running scared; Ruxin runs afoul of his company's email policies; and auto-correct gets everybody in trouble."


  •  Chuck  - "Chuck Vs. The Curse" (NBC 8PM EST) --- "Chuck and Sarah fight a deadly computer virus while Ellie and Awesome unwittingly become spies for a night."
  •  The Life And Times of Tim  - Season Premiere (HBO 9PM EST) --- "Tim is a twentysomething New Yorker trying to get ahead at work while keeping his girlfriend Amy happy and living a 'normal' life. However, in Tim's world, his often peculiar choices leave him in outlandish, surprising situations. In this third season, Tim's habit of befriending bizarre and unusual personalities in New York City continues to put him in dangerously funny circumstances."
  •  Remains  - Original Telefilm Premiere (Chiller 10PM EST) --- "Based on the IDW Publishing graphic novel written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer,  Remains  is set in a chilling post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada, and follows the survivors of a bizarre accident that reduced most of the world's population to zombies. The group takes refuge in a vacant casino and fights a losing battle against the undead, who grow steadily stronger, smarter and more aggressive by the minute."


  • Monty Python Double Header - (IFC)
  •  Monty Python and The Holy Grail  (8:05 PM EST) and  Life of Brian  (10:05 PM EST) ---It's just a flesh wound!
  •  Saturday Night Live  - Midseason Finale (NBC 11:30PM EST) --- This week Jimmy Fallon hosts, with musical guest Michael Buble.


  •  Dexter  - "This Is The Way The World Ends" Season Finale (SHO 9PM EST) --- "In the sixth-season finale, Dexter and Homicide try to stop the Doomsday Killers from committing one final murder, while Debra deals with a new emotional situation."
  •  Hell On Wheels  - "Revelations" (AMC 10PM EST) --- "Elam's life hangs in the balance, leaving Cullen with a monumental decision to make. Meanwhile, Durant risks his financial fortune, and Lily confronts her late husband's relatives."
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