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The Game Effect Editorial

Three Cheap Alternatives to Buying Dead Space 3

Save money and have a great time doing it

By Daniel Jones on 2/5/2013
 Dead Space 3 released today and the reviews have been slowly trickling in. While mostly positive, there are just enough negative opinions on the game to make one wary of spending their hard earned sixty dollars on a new copy day one. Micro-transactions aside, I can't say definitively whether or not Isaac Clarke's latest adventure is worthy (I'll leave that up to Nate to tell you in his review). I can, however, suggest a few sure-fire alternatives that will not only scratch your sci-fi horror itch, but also cause a much smaller dent in your wallet.

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Watch John Carpenter's The Thing on Netflix Instant

Sure, Aliens and Event Horizon could also make this list, but neither of those movies have the perfect mixture of gore and psychological horror that made the  Dead Space series so great. The Thing however, hits an intense ebb and flow of mystery, tension, paranoia and release as Kurt Russel leads a band of oil workers trying to survive an invisible enemy that inhabits the minds and bodies of each crew member one by one. Not to mention, it's a horror story that takes place in the snow, much like  Dead Space 3. Just don't accidentally watch the recent remake, or you'll be scared for all the wrong reasons.

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Play Dead Space 1 or 2

This is an obvious one. If you haven't played either of the first two  Dead Space games, you owe it to yourself to experience two of the best action games of this generation. Each game strikes a masterful balance between jump scares, psychological tension and gorey creature design. The scripted action sequences help to provide release for those moments when the atmosphere gets too heavy and the light RPG progression system ensures that the games are more than mere thrill rides to (Dead) Space Mountain. Each game should be very cheap on Amazon, Gamestop or your local Mom and Pop game store (if you're lucky enough to have one near you).

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Read Black Hole by Charles Burns

You may think I'm crazy to suggest reading a book as an alternative to playing a video game. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not crazy, and after reading Black Hole's horrific, touching and relate-able high school drama re-imagined as gore-porn horror, you will understand why I recommended it. When a group of teens begin to fall victim to a variety of sexually transmitted grotesque disfigurements, chaos erupts, exposing the hidden ugly truths about the school's hierarchy. The illustrations will give you nightmares and the teenage soap-opera will keep you coming back for more. It might not be exactly like  Dead Space, but Black Hole may just leave you trembling with terror in ways you never expected.
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