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Madden NFL 13
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The Game Effect Editorial

PI: EA Sports to Release "Replacement Refs" Patch for Madden '13

More "Authentic" Update Coming Next Monday

By Nate Gillick on 9/25/2012

EA Sports today announced that, in an effort to keep Madden '13 as realistic an NFL simulation as possible, they will be releasing a new update to their bestselling game, which will alter the game's referee AI to be more accurate to current NFL officiating standards.

Dubbed the "Replacement Refs" update, Madden '13 will now incorrectly call plays several times a game. Examples include granting a team challenges when they do not have any time-outs remaining, ruling interceptions touchdowns, and declaring any ball that comes out of a player's hands after being tackled a live ball.

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As reported in the LA Times, sixteen of 20 coach's challenges in Week 3 resulted in overturned calls, meaning officials made the wrong decision on 80% of some of the biggest plays. This joy will soon become part of the Madden experience across all platforms as well. This is not a new option players can turn on or off, but will effect all game modes, including ranked multiplayer sessions.

The update is set to go live during the 4th quarter of next Monday night's Bears vs. Cowboys game, a not-at-all subtle nod to the timing of a blown call that has given the replacement referee situation its greatest level of national attention yet. The update will remain live until the referee lockout has ended and the normal refs are back on the job.

All articles of the Potentially Inaccurace series are satire. Enjoy responsibly.

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quantifier on September 26, 2012
Man I had a good laugh at this article, and that was just after reading the headline. OH boy I needed this today, many thanks.
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