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moderators fail

why don't you help me?

By rainous on 5/26/2012
Quite a while ago I used my gep to buy two figures. One was the cloud figure, the other was dante. They have been "processing" for several months now with no change. I messaged The Game Effect and got a reply saying they would look into it, months later there is still no change. This is a case of poor site management, and though I somtimes find this site intertaining, this is putting me off coming back. This needs to be fixed and I hope now I have your attention.
Disclaimer: This article was written by a member of the Game Effect community (a non staff member), and includes views and opinions that are their own, and not expressly shared by TheGameEffect.
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quantifier on May 29, 2012
The only thing going on that has me a little off is how quiet everything has been the past month(s). We haven't really gotten any update about what's going on with the site or what they're working on. We had that early on, but lately it's seemed pretty bare-bones.

I can't get behind any qualms about the items. Like Elleyena said, they are free. Plus, the mods said that they were having problems with shipping and whatnot so it's not a big surprise.
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Elleyena on May 27, 2012
The posters I have purchased over the last few months are also still processing. However I'm not bothered too much because it is something that I will be getting for free, that they are paying for, and they've told us that there might be issues with even offering that perk anymore. So if I have to wait longer for something I didn't have to pay for, so that the moderators and developers can fix other aspects of the site and get finances in order to be able to offer cool incentives, so be it.

While it is mildly irritating that we don't get free stuff right away, that's all it is, an irritation. Not something IMHO, that is worth leaving the site for.

Just a question, why don't you enjoy the site for what it is? An interactive game news site, where members can post news just as freely as the moderators.

That being said...

There -are- some bugs and glitches on the site that need to be worked on. Stuff with the user article interface, especially the hub and preview sections, adding games, etc..

The ads on the side that have nothing to do with games, but start playing automatically are mildly irritating, but I understand that you need revenue, and that's one way to do that. I just wish they were a tad more relevant.

To the developers/moderators, if you are reading this (which I do hope you are). All I ask is that you try to keep us a little more updated on what's going on with the website. I know you are really busy and all, but letting us know the stuff you -are- working on, even if it is minor update, would be better than being silent for long periods of time.

Just, keep it in mind. On both sides. We need to help each other out if this site is going to become awesome.

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TheGameEffect on June 01, 2012
Hi Elleyena!!Honestly, you couldn't be more right with your statements above. First, we want to thank you for being such an amazingly active member of the community and for joining Quantifier and several others in being incredible advocates for the site.

Second, we greatly appreciate your patience in the yet-to-be-sent items from our store. We have made plans (seriously) to send out as many shipments as possible next week. You are correct in that we have had financial issues preventing us from moving forward with shipments as usual, but we plan on rectifying that next week.

As for the ads that play automatically, please please let us know if that happens again. We've explicitly disabled the ads that we believe to be doing that, but if you notice them occurring again, please let us know; that is something we won't tolerate (because we here personally can't stand those ads ourselves :)

And lastly, we are looking into hiring a temporary developer to handle some of the User Article issues that we have right now, as we know they can be quite annoying to deal with. Outside of that though, our focus has been on writing more features and engaging articles as opposed to developing new features. This is partly due to the fact that our sole developer (me, haha), recently started a new full-time job and sadly does not have the time to devote to new features here. While I absolutely will be taking notice of issues, and looking for new feature requests, I am not exactly sure when we'll be able to actually implement them. But I promise we are still actively watching and listening to you guys; we wouldn't be here without you :)

And one final note, we have a contest forthcoming to give away a code for Metro 2033: Last Light, and we're taking suggestions on what the contest should actually be... Best user article, most site referrals in a month, or something else entirely; we're open to ideas :)

Thanks again for bearing with us guys, and for making TGE such an amazing place to be!!!
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You must be logged in to vote. You must be logged in to vote. 3
Elleyena on June 01, 2012
Thank you for the heads up! I'm glad to hear that some shipments will go out next week, and hopefully it will grow easier on you to continue that awesome perk, and maybe put out some new items!

I didn't even know we had a site referral code or something, and now I'm worried that I missed out on that with inviting Caswaltz to the site. Is there a way to verify that?

As for the ads, it only happened once, and I had to go find the ad to figure out where it was coming from. I haven't seen one like it since. I just have to be careful with the life insurance ad that will start up if you scroll over it, but that's easy enough :) Have you considered talking with some of the webcomic community about advertising for them/putting your own ads out? Comics like Ctrl-Alt-Del and Multiplex would be relevant to the site, and there are tons of other ones that would also be a good option and bring in new visitors.

The contest is a good idea, I would say the Best User Article, or maybe even a contest on Steam using one of the FTP games like Team Fortress 2.

Thank you again for letting us know what's going on. I'm looking forward to being an active member for a long time.

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quantifier on June 03, 2012
This is what we needed. What you're saying isn't as important as the fact that you did come out and say something (at least for me). I had figured that the schedule was getting cramped a bit, but the fact that you have touched base is a biggie. When The Game Effect profile hasn't had any activity on it for weeks at a time, we just feel...lonely. We know some of the other mods/editors come on and post, but I think the back and forth or little updates is what makes us know you're there.

I haven't had any trouble with ads ever, but maybe I just don't notice them.

Keep up the good work team, we really appreciate it.
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Sumeet on July 07, 2012
Does that include intl shipping?
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rainous on December 13, 2012

just a sugestion but if u made a way to obtain items other than points (ie. cash) it would help. i myself couldn't afford it at the moment but im sure some people on here could & would (espiscialy the figures & other tangible things)