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Editorial from the Community
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Super Mario 3D Land Review - Point of View

Guest Editor: Mario

By mikedeas879 on 1/11/2012
It's amee, Mario. Coming to you straight from the Mushroom Kingdom. Some strange stuff has been happening around here lately. Princess Peach is gone... again. Bowser's up to no good... as usual. But, now there's something new. The whole place looks... different.
Over the years the Mushroom Kingdom has seen its fair share of aesthetic changes. For years we could only move left to right - then suddenly we could roam where we pleased. We used to just walk and jump - now we run, climb, butt slam and throw stuff all over the place. We used to be all pixelated - now we're in glorious 3D. And man does it feel good (unless you get a little overzealous and move around too much - then we seem to pop in and out of sight)!! I feel like a new man. I've never looked better. I mean, I saw Avatar in 3D like the rest of the Kingdom and it was totally fine. But now that it's in my world, wow. It makes all the difference.
My adventure? Well, Bowser took it easy on me this time. It's like he was barely even trying. I can't remember the last time I rescued Peach this quick. Probably since that first time I was jumping around the Galaxy. But, that time it was because I just couldn't help myself - floating around the planets was such a blast. This time Bowser just didn't hide that well. And his lackies? Pssht. Easy as pie. I even decided to pick up some coins at each place I visited. Could not have been easier to find. I'm the richest guy in the Kingdom now.
After having such amazing adventures in the past, I was actually a little bored this time through. I mean, come on! I've been Paper. I'm a mean Kart racer. Even my New adventures with my brother felt like a breath of fresh air.

Considering I'm the first of my buddies to get the 3D overhaul done on his neighborhood, I'm a little disappointed. But, then again - I didn't truly have fun saving Peach until my 3rd adventure.

Maybe I just need to bide my time.
Disclaimer: This article was written by a member of the Game Effect community (a non staff member), and includes views and opinions that are their own, and not expressly shared by TheGameEffect.
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OSMenace on January 14, 2012
Entertaining point of view... oh, hey, it says PoV in the sub-title. Blonde moment.
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